Sunday, 12 January 2014

Alexander Palace Show...

Hi there my friends. 
Here in London once a year we have this big stitching show at Alexander Palace with over five hundred stalls under the same roof. Back in October 2013 I went to the fair again, since I heard about it I tried to attend every year, and I love every moment.
There is lots to see and be inspired by what you see, it's the day of the year I very much look forward to ever year since 2007 when I first started going. So I have a few things that I bought at the show to share with you.
These pure wool fabric will be for quilts, the blue bundle it's for me, and the burgundy and browns it's for my son.
The third bundle in the front will do another quilt, for me or a present, I will see, love the colours so much that I couldn't resist. I have lots of ideas for these materials. 



This is a beautiful wool fabric, I will do one skirt for myself, love this deep red colour.

Will use this yarn for crochet amigurumi  toys

And here is my new sewing machine, I bought on the show as well, super happy about it. My old one was not in good shape any more, I had her from my friend that had the machine for more than ten years when she gave it to me, and I had her for about fourteen years now, so "she" is well used and loved. For quite sometime I was on the lookout for one sewing machine.The one I really wanted was way to expensive for that day, so this is a fairly good machine for what I paid for and will do for now.  

Love the crafty detail

Here you can see all the stitches the machine has

I hope you are keeping well, and creating lots of beautiful things.
Have a wonderful week my friends.

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