Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Into Crochet Mood

I taught myself to crochet about 7 months ago, and I have been hooked for good.

One day I landed on Lucy's blog http://attic24.typepad.com/, and in there I found my self inspired and motivated to get started, I said to myself if one day I could crochet like her, I love her style, choices of colour, I am a fan. To bad for me I am not able to follow patterns,the US terms and UK terms differences are to confusing for me, but  if you can follow a pattern, have a look at  Lucy's blog you will find  lots of beautiful projects that she kindly shares.

Thank God for  youtube and the lovely kind ladies out there that post tutorials and help people like me,who are visual learners on how to crochet.

Below is my first crochet project, I am very pleased with the outcome I think is not to bad for my first try.

Sneak peak of my next project.

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I appreciate your visit, Happy Hooking

Saturday, 2 June 2012

My First Finished Patchwork Project

I always wanted to learn how to do patchwork and quilt. I thought it would be mission impossible for me, and another obstacle was that I couldn't find places to learn here in London.

For my luck and joy I found the best teacher I could wish for, and slowly but surely I am getting there with my patchwork skills. My monthly highlight is when I get to go to my class. If you like patchwork then have a look at Janet's website http://www.sleepingbearcrafts.com/ to see the classes choice and variety of gorgeous fabrics she has to offer on the site.

This single bed throw I made for my younger sister

This is my first ever unfinished quilt that went bit wrong.
I need my teachers help to fix this up

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Happy Sewing.