Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My Summer Holiday...

Hello my friends, I hope you are all doing fantastic. My summer holiday feels like a distant dream from far, far away, and my busy lifestyle takes over slowly but surely. This post was intended to be here, early September, sorry, I know it’s quite later then that, but I thought you may still would like to know a bit from my crafty shopping and tails from my summer holiday in Brazil.

I brought back with me some lovely crafty stuff and lots of ideas for new projects in my suitcase. I have so many ideas that my brain is going to melt down one of these days from exhaustion.  If one day I manage to do all the projects I have in mind, I will be crocheting, sewing, card making,  etc... for a decade at least, non stop… I don’t mind though. I just need the day to be 48 hours and an extra pair of hands may be handy as well.

 I don’t know about you, but I'm not very keen on purchasing my crafty things online, or any other stuff as a matter of fact.  I much prefer to go in person to do my shopping, look around, touch, smelling, wondering, and of course make that impulsive buy. Am I the only one to feel this way? For me the satisfaction is totally on a different level all together when I go to a shop in person.

The other thing I must mention is, I kind of see with my hands as well, I must touch when I am buying, especially crafty things. I hate when I see signs  saying “do not touch” I don’t, most of the time, but I have to just touch at least with the tip of my finger, just to make sure I can see it properly.  We lack on good yarn, fabric/crafts shops here in central London. I know a few shops, but are too far for me to pop in as often as I would like.

So, during my holiday, back in July & August 2013 I had a blast visiting and shopping from most of the craft shops around the places where I was, ( Sao Paulo, Curitiba- Brazil ) I had so much fun and did lots of spending too. I even managed to attend a few crochet workshops, which was a great bonus.

Lots and lots magazines… crochet ones, patchwork and appliqué, doll making.

Another passion of mine is hand made dolls, lots of happy memories from my childhood. I made some dolls already, I will share with you soon. 

Patchwork appliqué, lots and lots of ideas.

First workshop projects a rug

Another rug, all these projects are in the box under my bed at the moment waiting for me to finish them, from time to time I will do a bit of work on them just not to forget the stitches, and then they go back into the box again, until I have the chance to finish them of.

A cotton bed throw sample from another workshop  

Another sample for a different bed throw

And I had to bring with me all the cotton tread for the throw I'm planing to do.

Of course I had to buy some beautiful, vibrant cotton treads as well.

Love these colours 

Just few fabrics, I couldn't resist 

And few happy moments from my holiday, newborn baby monkeys coming for a snack by the veranda, super cute

Here is the mummy monkey with her newborn baby's on her back 

Lots of my fave fruits

Beautiful sunset in front of the house


Hope you enjoyed this long post, as you can see I will have allot going on in terms of crochet for years to come,I will keep you posted.

I would like to wish you all a blessed New Year, and may all your dreams come through.
Warm hugs.

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