Sunday, 17 August 2014

Small Projects, HUGE Satisfaction...

Hi there my friends. LONG-time no post from me, sorry about that, and again as I mentioned on previous posts, it’s life in general for me, working very long hours, looking after my family and my health which has not been great lately and has been keeping me away from my Blog.

But, I am more than happy to pop in today, say hello, share few small projects and thoughts with you.

It has been a wish of mine for a long time to learn how to sew clothes, for myself, friends and family as a hobby.
So I have been trying some small projects already, and I have to say that I have been successful so far. The little cardigan you see below I made for my friend’s daughter, I love it and I made other few sewing things that I will share sometime soon.  So, let me know what do you think of my first sewing clothe project?

It was the little one’s birthday and with the cardigan I made an amigurumi toy for her as well and again I am so thrilled that I was able to read the pattern, (this is my second success at reading a crochet pattern) what an amazing feeling I had, I'm so happy to be able to get the hang of reading patterns (simple ones, I'm still learning).
I hope you are all doing great and been creative, hopefully I will come back sometime soon and share other crafty stuff with you.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care.

Monday, 21 April 2014


Hello my friends, I hope you are all doing great and had a wonderful Easter time with your loved ones.
Things have been very quiet here, just taking all easy and slow.

During the last few days I have been trying to do a small project using a written patten and I am  thrilled to say  that I was able to succeed at reading this amigurumi patten, super happy.

If you would like to give it a go, you can find the patten >>here<<. They have lots of other cute ones for you to try if you fancy, I am planing to crochet all of them, they would do the most adorable gift for someone you love.

Here is my bunny.

It is a fairly easy patten to follow, if I can do it, anyone with the basics of crochet will be able to do it as well for sure.
I did use there own "yummy alpaca yarn", very good to work with and makes a very fluffy,soft and cuddly crochet amugurumi toy.

That is all for today my friends. Till the next time/post, have a happy, blessed week.
Crafty hugs.

Monday, 31 March 2014


Hi there my friends. Long time no post. I've just been so busy with work, family, recovering from a very nasty flu that all of us had at home, and life in general, leaving me with no time to come here, sorry about that. I'm not a very good blogger in terms of keeping up with posts regularly, well, what can I say... I do try.

Easter is just around the corner, then I will be having a few days off from work and will have extra time to do more posts for you, and share my latest finished project, ( my son's blanket ) can't wait to show you.
I did few small projects  here and there. I will leave few peeks for you to see what I have been up to lately.

This poncho I made for  a friend of mind, using scraps of yarn.

I've been trying out some granny squares for a new project ( a blanket for my bed ).

Here they are my first dolls, I'm very pleased with the end result, I will share more soon.

This went for a new born baby, from a working friend.

 My first hat, for myself, loved it.

That's all for today my friends, hopefully I will be back soon with another post.
Have a great creative week.
Take care.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Almost there...

How are you doing my friends? Hope your part of the world is warm and bright. London's weather doesn't look or feel to good at the moment, lots of rain, cold weather and grey days.

But inside my home it feels cosy and happy.
Almost there with the blanky for my son. The last hurdle is always the hardest. I'm doing something very simple for the borders, but still it takes time, but never mind because I am enjoying every minute of this wonderful project.

Working on the blanket borders.

Flicking through some crochet books and also I'm enjoying my warm green tea.

This is the grey sky from my window flat. ( 4:00 pm today )

That's all for today my friends, just a quick hello and an update on my project.
Warm Hugs.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Blanket Progress...

Hello my creative friends.
I have been very slow but advancing at snail pace with my son’s blanket, I really want to finish it during this winter for him, fingers crossed I will.  But on my defence I would like to say that I have been doing other small projects (few crochet gifts) alongside this project as well, making the progress even slower, but the good news is I'm back to it now and feeling very motivated to finish. 
So far I made more then half of the blanket squares, and I will start to join them up.  

What are you working on at the moment? 
Take care my friends. Hopefully I will be back sooner rather than later, with a finished blanket to share with you.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Alexander Palace Show...

Hi there my friends. 
Here in London once a year we have this big stitching show at Alexander Palace with over five hundred stalls under the same roof. Back in October 2013 I went to the fair again, since I heard about it I tried to attend every year, and I love every moment.
There is lots to see and be inspired by what you see, it's the day of the year I very much look forward to ever year since 2007 when I first started going. So I have a few things that I bought at the show to share with you.
These pure wool fabric will be for quilts, the blue bundle it's for me, and the burgundy and browns it's for my son.
The third bundle in the front will do another quilt, for me or a present, I will see, love the colours so much that I couldn't resist. I have lots of ideas for these materials. 



This is a beautiful wool fabric, I will do one skirt for myself, love this deep red colour.

Will use this yarn for crochet amigurumi  toys

And here is my new sewing machine, I bought on the show as well, super happy about it. My old one was not in good shape any more, I had her from my friend that had the machine for more than ten years when she gave it to me, and I had her for about fourteen years now, so "she" is well used and loved. For quite sometime I was on the lookout for one sewing machine.The one I really wanted was way to expensive for that day, so this is a fairly good machine for what I paid for and will do for now.  

Love the crafty detail

Here you can see all the stitches the machine has

I hope you are keeping well, and creating lots of beautiful things.
Have a wonderful week my friends.