Monday, 11 November 2013

My Weekend...

Hello my friends. Hope you are all doing great today.

I had a wonderful weekend, being creative with my sewing.
You may know already that I do love doing other craft things alongside my crochet, and one of them is patchwork. So this weekend I went for a class, it's  bit of a journey from my house, but I did it with a smile on my face.

I've known Janet, as my friend and teacher since 2008, when I first started learning with her, the art of patchwork and quilting, back then I used to go every 4 week, but these days I can only do an occasional class. I think may be almost a year since the last time I went for a class. So this weekend I went for a day of hardcore sewing (10.00 am to 4.00 pm) to catch up with my UFO (Un Finished Objects).

It’s almost an hour train journey, all the way to Sussex., and I took my crochet with me to keep me company.

Lunch Break now… it has been a very productive morning, and I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I took with me two unfinished bed throw that have been in the box for a good year or so. I would love to finish them this year, if I work hard. I will try.

Myself and Janet, having fun.

Sometimes I get distracted with all these gorgeous fabrics all around me, and I wonder about new projects. I can’t help though.

I will leave the link of Janet’s website >> here <<, make sure you go there and have a good look around, you may like to treat yourself with something from her site.
I have lots to sew if I want to finish the bed throws by the end of this year. Wish me luck.

Have a lovely creative week my friends.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


OMG… I can’t believe what I have in front of me this evening. As I opened the box, my heart almost stopped and I had tears in my eyes, OMG… again. I may not make any sense in this post out of excitement and happiness, but just bear with me.

My Dear friend Fatima from the blog >> lavores << made me the most wonderful surprise by sending me one of her beautiful work. You can see >>here<< the post about this rug. I love Fatima’s Babette blanket so much that I made an attempt to do one, and didn't go well. You can check my attempt >>here<<.

I don’t have no words to thank you my Dear friend Fatima for your kindness and heart felt gesture, what can I say...  you made my year.
I will for sure treasure your gift, but most importantly I will treasure your friendship.
For now it’s in my seating room, so I can be looking at it all the time when I’m crocheting.

Love the magazines as well, lots of beautiful flowers patterns. Now I need to get the hang of reading the instructions (working on that).

Just a quick post to say hello and share. Hope you are all doing great.
Be happy.