Friday, 30 August 2013

Babette Blanket

Hello my friends from all around the world hope you all are doing great. Here in London we have been enjoying very good warm days lately, lovely... and I am recovering from thirteen long, long hour’s; flight from Brazil. Where I went with my son on holiday, and had a great time there with family and friends. We are back home already after four great weeks and I am preparing myself to go back to work on Monday and the young man is also preparing to go back to school on Thursday.

Back in February, I started a blanket for my son, a Babette blanky which was very much inspired through this  blog here > Lavoresfl Babette Blanket  from my friend Fatima. Thanks for the inspiration my Dear and for sharing your talent, much appreciated.

I took the blanket with me on holiday to try and finish, and I did, but the project went a bit pear shape at the end. You will see the pictures at the end. The blanket stayed in Brazil with my mum, she loved the blanket so much that my son asked me if he could give his blanky to his granny and of course  I agreed and promised to do another blanket for him. (not a Babette, I don't think I can cope anymore with the join part of this project).

Unfortunately at the end of the project the shape of the blanket went a bit  twisted for the second time that I had tried to straiten up the whole blanket before but this time I didn't want to undo the whole project for the third time, so I went ahead and  finish and left a bit wonky  and we gave it to my sons granny and she was very happy with the present, she loved it.

I had a great pleasure on doing this blanket. Considering that I'm a slow kind of crocheter for me went quit quickly. I used the stylecraft DK yarn, a  very soft yarn  and great to work with, I liked so much that my next project I will use the same yarn. I do have some leftover yarn from this project that I will use to do a new blanket for my son but I may need to buy a few more skins to complete the project. 

The picks below was taking on Gran's home in Brazil last week, we both miss our time there. Below you can see the young man with his granny and one pick of me feeling a bit shay behind the blanket. 

 I have a big bag of bliss already for my next project, will share more soon. 

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful time wherever you are, take care.



  1. Olá amiga Edina! Fico feliz que já terminou a manta babette, emocionada por ter oferecido à sua mãe! Ficou maravilhosa, esse fio é muito macio e as cores são fantásticas.
    Um abraço, e bom fim de semana.


    1. Boa noite querida, que bom que gostou da minha tentativa de fazer uma manta babette, inspirada na sua obra prima. Mas na ora de costurar os quadrados nao teve jeito para ficar certo, mas mesmo saindo meio tortinha eu gostei muito dela e minha mae mais ainda. Fique bem Fatima, otimo final de semana tambem pra voce.