Monday, 1 July 2013

Chelsea Flower Show ...

Hello everyone, Long time no post from me, sorry about that. You may know already the tale of my life, work, work, work and more work. So… when I “disappear” for a bit, it’s probably lack of time to sit down and quietly to do a post. Sorry if this is the heading of all my posts lately, but I feel I have to explain and apologize to my friends and readers that enjoys coming to my blog. Anyhow, I am more then happy to be able to be here today with you, and I hope you will be happy too, to find a new post today after such a long time, with a  “smell of flowers in the air."

Back in May, I had the privilege for the second time to go to the Chelsea Flower Show here in London, UK.  This is a unique event in the Country for all the flower lovers and enthusiastic gardeners. This year’s show was celebrating the 100 years anniversary and promised to celebrate in style, and it was indeed.
Enjoy some peeks from the show…


I love these pots...

super cute the little frogs...

Very peaceful looking, Gold Medal Garden

Love this chair, reminds me of Harry Potter movies for some reason.

Lunch time and Opera music the perfect combination, they were fantastic singers these three.

I was thinking to buy one, but it wont fit in my sitting room, i'll have to wait for my garden, one day.

This corner was so beautiful, very French I thought.

The Bonsai, was such a dream, hard to believe that it's possible these trees are hundreds of years old. 

Daffodils heaven, one of my fave, I was there admiring them for quit sometime.

 And the most beautiful cactus I ever seen. 

A Gold Medal for this garden; which is Indian inspired. The smell around here was amazing.    

More mini beauties... Love them.

The green wall. Such a cleaver idea.

The kitchen garden. 

 A giant sculpture, a bit of an alien look to me.

 More beautiful flowers.

 Beautiful carnivorous plants 

My dear friend Ana, whom I went with.

It was a bliss day for me, which I will forever remember and treasure this experience. I think you had enough of my pictures galore, I hope you enjoyed it.
Have a great week.
Edina, xx

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