Monday, 30 September 2013

Yarn Bombing...

Hi there my friends. How are you today?
Since I heard about yarn bombing not long ago, I was fascinated by this amazing creative idea, and from time to time I wonder about yarn bombing things around me, on the street, at work, parks, even at home.

So, I took my summer holiday as an excuse to yarn bomb my suitcases, It was just the perfect opportunity for me to give it a go at yarn bombing something. I confess that it was a great fun doing this very easy, and quick project.

 Have a look at the end result.

Lovely don’t you think? I love it for sure.
What do you think about yarn bombing? Let me know your thoughts on the comments.
Happy crafting.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

New Blanket on the Making...

Hello my friends, hope everything is great with you.
With the leftover yarn from my last completed project I am doing another blanket for my son as promised. I decided to do something similar my last blanket (the Babette), but not quit the same, just in case the same disaster happens again. ( I had lots of trouble to join them strait).

I’m going for the same solid granny squares though, and the same size squares (four rounds plus the join colour), and I hope this time around the blanket will be nice and strait.
Here’s where I am so far, not much, started this week, doing one or two squares in the evening after coming from work. I Think is going quit quickly so far. I will do my best to be ready before the winter arrives here with his full power, fingers cross it will be ready by then. 

It's all for now. Have a wonderful weekend and a very creative week as well.
I will keep you posted about my progress on the blanket.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Yarndale Bounties...

How are you doing my friends from this vast and wonderful blog land?
A quick post today to share my contributions to Yarndale.
I am sure you all know Lucy from the blog Attic24 and if you don’t have a look at this post here were she explains everything about Yarndale bounties.
I have sent my parcel before going on holiday back in July. I’m sure by now it is in her hands; the bounties that I made especially for her. 

I wish all the success to Lucy on the D day.
Have a great week.