Sunday, 3 February 2013

Keeping up with my hobbies...

I have to say, it’s not enough time during the day for me to do everything I like. As I mentioned before, I work very long hours, and have my family to take care of, husband, checking if the young man is doing his homework, dinner etc… oh yes, the house work, gosh... when the accumulated house work starts to be too visible, hubby ask if I am on "strike", oopsy daisy… It’s tricky to find free time during the day or night to craft.

And, of course I must mention my neglected blog, another challenge, but I think I’m getting better though, I’m doing my best to post more regularly, fingers cross I can keep up.

It’s very important for me to find sometime to craft, even if it’s just a little. I feel good and happy when I craft. Not to mention the pleasure of seeing someone’s smile when receiving one of my crafty creation, specially hand made by me for them, it’s priceless and very rewording.

As the name of my blog suggest it’s very therapeutic for me when I craft. So, I will continue to find time, and do occasionally “strikes” to do what I love the most, crafting.

Let’s see what’s in the making at the moment.
Crochet along a shawl with Dana Pittman 
The throw is almost ready.
Happy crafting and have a great week.
Edina xx

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